Recycling Information
Conway operates a co-mingled recycling program where all recyclables can be mixed together in your city-provided FREE blue recycling cart!
To have your FREE Blue Recycling Cart delivered to your home call us today! (501)450-6155
Items Recyclable in Conway's Program include: 
Cardboard (pasteboard and corrugated)
Office Paper
Plastic Bottles/Containers (Coded #1 through #2)
Aluminum (Cans, pie tins, aluminum foil)
Steel Cans
Plastic Sacks
Please Note the following information for GLASS RECYCLERS... glass can NOT be co-mingled in your recycling carts.  Glass MUST be recycled using our new glass recycling bins which are available to you at no cost, please call our office at 501.450.6155 to request a bin and be put on our glass recycling route.
*Lables and lids are acceptable left on your glass containers.  Please wash/rinse glass containers prior to placing them in your recycling bins.  NO LIGHTBULBS OF ANY TYPE WILL BE ACCEPTED IN THE GLASS RECYCLING PROGRAM
For good, reusable items, please bring them to our ReUse Center located on the grounds of the City of Conway Landfill, 4550 Hwy 64 West (Center is adjacent to follow link our Recycling Facility)